Paint Correction

Your Vehicle Will Look Like New

Correct any swirls, scratches and imperfections in your paint work!

What Is Paint Correction?

If your vehicle’s finish isn’t what it used to be when you first fell in love with it on the showroom floor, it might be time for paint correction. Bring back your vehicle’s depth and clarity with Top Shine Detail. 

Paint correction removes any blemishes or imperfections on your vehicle’s clear coat, but there’s more to it than a simple polish. Our team at Top Shine Detail works diligently to restore your car’s finish  to make your ride look good as new.

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What Can Paint Correction Do?

With paint correction, you can fix many issues, including:

  • Fine Scratches
  • Swirl Marks
  • Paint Transfer
  • Overspray
  • Water Spots
  • And more!
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What Are Swirl Marks On Your Car?

Swirl marks are super fine scratches that appear on your car’s paint. Usually you don’t notice them until you’re up close or light hits at the right angle. Despite their name, swirls can run in any direction. 

You’ll find swirl marks on most flat surfaces of your cars, like the hood, roof, or trunk. On dark-colored cars, expect to also find them on doors and fenders. 

Here’s the bad news: swirl marks can’t be prevented. This is where paint correction comes in.

Paint Correction Options

Our paint correction options are designed to fit your level of need.

One-Step Correction

  • Remove Light Swirling
  • Remove Light Scratches

Two- Step Correction

In addition to One-Step:

  • Remove Heavier Scratching & Swirling

Three-Step Correction

In addition to One & Two Step:

  • Includes Wet Sanding For Severe Areas

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